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Maximize your skills, knowledge and mobile forensic capabilities with HancomWITH

Our certification consists of three courses: an introductory course for professionals, an advanced-level course for examiners, and a professional course for specialists.
These courses cover everything about mobile forensics, including both software and hardware products.
All levels of users from beginner to expert can enhance their knowledge on mobile forensics to the point of maximizing their skill, knowledge, and ability to conduct their work using MD-SERIES.

HancomWITH Certified Mobile Forensic Professional

Certification will equip you with basic mobile forensic knowledge and teach you HancomWITH’s mobile forensic software in the data extraction and analysis. This is aimed at practitioners who are new to mobile forensics. Those who hold this certification are allowed to advance their careers in the mobile forensic industry.

HancomWITH Certified Mobile Forensic Examiner
It is designed to train mobile forensic examiners in the use of MD-SERIES both software and hardware product. This certification course deals with the high level mobile forensic technique with two advanced level curriculums; mobile forensic analysis theory and physical data extraction course. An HCME certification certifies that an examiner is equipped with a vast depth of understanding and expertise in the use of our total mobile forensic solution.
Physical data extraction
Advanced mobile forensic
HancomWITH Certified Mobile Forensic Specialist
When the examiner has completed two certification courses of HCMP and HCME, it certifies that the examiner has mastered in-depth mobile forensic investigative technique using MD-SERIES. Furthermore, to be recognized by investigative agencies as a skilled specialist in the mobile forensic sector, an examiner can get the higher-level course of advanced analysis technologies, including user-defined analysis course based on python scripting.
Advanced mobile forensic theory II
Python analysis scripting
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