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1Q 2020 MD-Series Release Note Highlights

Check the major features of MD-Series released in 1Q 2020, if you would like to know more go download PDF file.


MD-NEXT -v1.88.0
Screen Unlock and physical extraction methods for Android devices and Full Filesystem extraction for iOS have released. These features will allow users to access and extract more data from a wide range of Android devices, devices with MediaTek chipset, and Samsung Secure Folder.


MD-RED v3.4.17-3.5.2
Filters for multimedia are supported; ‘Attribute Filter’ and ‘Path Filter’. These new filters allow users to investigate more time efficiently by filtering the multimedia data by its’ type and path.


MD-LIVE v3.3.3-3.3.9
Hash verification and app downgrade extraction support for Android are released in MD-LIVE. Hash verification feature will allow users to manage criminal evidence-related file list via hash and quickly find harmful files during the analysis process.


MD-VIDEO v2.10.0-3.0.0
TAT32, WFS0.4 fllesystem analysis is available for MD-VIDEO, and ‘Region Filter’ and ‘Time Filter’ are added in MD-VIDEO AI analysis.


MD-CLOUD v1.2.0
Cloud data from GoogleHome and SamsungThings are supported. Users can extract and analyze IoT Device information and activity data from those sources.


Download PDF File – Releasenote_1Q_2020_Final


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