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GMDSOFT provides an extensive set of certified courses composed of certification courses, mobile forensic training courses,
webinars and other training materials. Covering all levels of knowledge from beginner to expert, each course provides students
with a detailed understanding of mobile forensics as well as up-to-date forensic knowledge. If you are looking for an education
in mobile forensics, our training team is waiting for you. Select a course suited to your level and obtain what you need here.

GMDSOFT Certified Mobile Forensic Professional


GCMP certification will equip you with basic mobile forensics knowledge and teach you to make practical use of GMDSOFT’s
mobile data extraction and analysis software. This certification is aimed at practitioners who are new to mobile forensics. Those
who hold this certification are given the opportunity to advance their careers in the mobile forensics industry.


  • The basic theory of mobile forensics
  • Traning for mobile forensic tool; MD-NEXT / MD-RED / MD-LIVE / MD-VIDEO AI

GMDSOFT Certified Mobile Forensic Examiner


GCME certification is designed to train mobile forensic examiners in the use of both HancomWITH’s MD-Series hardware and
software products. This certification deals with high level techniques for handling Android and iOS-based smartphone forensics
and various kinds of analysis methods. An HCME certification certifies that an examiner is equipped with a vast depth of
understanding and expertise in the use of HancomWITH’s complete mobile forensic solution.


Physical data extraction

  • JTAG forensics (MD-BOX)
  • Chip-off forensics (MD-READER)
  • Memory removal (MD-MR)

Advanced mobile forensic

  • Android/iOS Forensics
  • Database structure, SQLite, Filesystem
    and Multimedia analysis

GMDSOFT Certified Mobile Forensic Specialist


GCMS certification certifies that an examiner has successfully completed all the contents of the certification course and mastered
in-depth mobile forensic investigative methodology. Recognized by investigative agencies as a skilled specialist in the mobile
forensics sector, an GCMS certified examiner can manage matters of all sizes, including real-world application analysis based on
Python scripting.


Advanced mobile forensic theory II

  • SQLite analysis II
  • Filesystem analysis II
  • Multimedia analysis II
  • Messenger decoding/decryption
  • APK analysis
  • Reverse engineering

Python analysis scripting

  • App analysis trends and issue
  • Script programming basics
  • Script programming API
  • Script programming practice
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