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Digital Forensic Lab Solution
Fully equipped digital forensic laboratory solution for forensic investigators to handle a massive variety of different mobile device safe and efficiently.

Our digital forensic lab is equipped with the all needed tools and hardware to analyze, identify, preserve, recover, and present facts and opinions about the information at hand efficiently. The digital forensic laboratory supports investigator to handle a vast variety of different mobile and digital device with reliable and efficient solutions. It will help your team to analyze evidence in the most efficient way and forensically sound manner.

Physical rework desk
MD-MR package
MD-CARRIER package
MD-Cable Suite for JTAG connection
USIM reader, SD reader
Air ventilation for soldering work
Data extraction work desk
Video recording system
Lighting system
Cables set
Data analysis work desk
GPU Workstation/Workstation/Laptop
NAS storage rack
10G network device
Digital device management
Smartphone and tablet storage
Disk storage
Flash memory storage
Accessories for smartphone - battery recharger, smartphone cable
CCTV and door lock
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