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Mobile & Digital Forensic Service

GMDSOFT provides one-stop forensic service for a law firm, audit, and eDiscovery corporation.
It’s comprehensive mobile and digital forensic service which includes evidence data acquisition from a smartphone, tablet, PC, CCTV/DVR, drone, car, IoT device, cloud service and data analysis on various mobile data, apps, video, audio, documents and so on. Data analysis report and investigation consulting service are provided according to the specific client’s inquiry.

Service Highlights
One-stop mobile and digital forensic service
Diagnose evidence and process unlock
Data extraction and analysis
Generate a data analysis report
Provides consulting service according to client’s inquiry
Provides reliable cooperative investigation service with HancomWITH’s professional forensic researchers and engineers
Key Features

01. One-stop mobile and digital forensic service

A comprehensive forensic service that provides a total forensic solution. It provides evidence data acquisition, data analysis from a wide range of mobile and digital devices, and analysis report, including entire process recording for a chain of custody.

02. Unlock service & Data extraction

Data extraction service including screen unlock and decryption for encrypted data partition from the smartphone, tablet, PC, CCTV/DVR, drone, car, IoT device, and cloud service. It also warrants the integrity of all extracted evidence data.

03. Data analysis & Analysis report

Analysis of extracted data, data recovery, decrypt encrypted data, and provide analysis reports.

04. Forensic investigation support service

Provides a complete forensic investigation service according to the specific client’s inquiry.

05. Legal advisory service for forensic investigation

Being in partnership with law firms, we provide legal advice on security audit and all the consulting service related to forensic investigation.

06. Customized service

Provides customized forensic service package according to each client’s requirement, including corporate audit, corruption investigation, and an eDiscovery forensics.
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