3Q 2020 MD-Series Release Note Highlights

Check the major features of MD-Series released in 3Q 2020, if you would like to know more go download PDF file.


MD-NEXT v1.89.5 – v1.89.8

  • Full Filesystem Extraction (Android 10)

Available for Samsung Galaxy S10/Note10 Series (Exynos) with Android 10 (FBE enabled), and this will support Samsung Secure Folder.

Auto-recognition and extraction of mounted SD card with Full Filesystem extraction.

  • iOS Full Filesystem Extraction (Checkm8) supports iOS 14.0 version
  • The extraction image structure has been improved to include ‘Mount information’

MD-RED can analyze the additional data retrieved from ‘Secure Folder’ or ‘Encrypted SD Card’ while proceeding data analysis on the userdata partition


MD-RED v3.6.9 – v3.6.21

  • iOS 14 Analysis

Supports new iOS filesystem for the analysis demands on various Apple devices. Applicable from iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2, and tvOS 10.2 version devices.

  • Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) space analysis
  • Image auto-mount feature

When the userdata image has the additional data to mount, MD-RED can automatically mount these data by reading the mount information file and configure the userdata partition and mounted folders into a single filesystem.

  • Supports BoltDB in DB viewer
  • Supports data analysis and playback of MPEG Transport stream (TS)


MD-LIVE v3.3.15 – v3.3.17

  • Improved extraction algorithm of Android Live

Recommended option applies automatically based on target device’s manufacturer and Android version.

  • iOS Extraction performance

Enhanced the extraction performance by over 50% for iPhone XS 42GB device with ‘Extraction Only’ option.


MD-VIDEO v3.3.0

  • New Video type support: WebM, MPEG-TG
  • Added image editing functions (Crop, Rotate/Reverse/Filter/Super Resolution/Motion deblur/Perspective transform) to enhance Images
  • Reduced analysis time by improving analysis result save algorithm



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