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‘MD-LIVE’ New features to Save your Onsite Investigation Time

‘MD-LIVE’ New features to Save your Onsite Investigation Time

Whenever to access the evidence phone at the crime scene, you may always suffer from insufficient time and its complicated steps to use the mobile forensic tool. The search on the apps to watch and the pinpoint of the keywords from the piles of text messages are getting crucial for the first responders. MD-LIVE has armed itself with two useful features to save the investigation time and to meet these needs for smartphone forensics.


  1. ‘Keyword’

The keywords that are frequently searched such as drug, sexual assault, murder cases can be grouped and registered by category. Users can select a category that matches the case, it can save much time from repetitive searching keyword routine and prevent missing important search terms. Moreover, user can continuously update the keyword list and share with their colleagues by Import/Export feature.

–                How to register keywords?

Click the ‘Keyword’ icon in the upper right corner of MD-LIVE. Enter the keyword group name in ‘Name’ and list the search terms to be included in the ‘keyword’, separated by ‘;’, and click the ‘Add keyword’ button.

 –                How to search with keywords?

Select the target you want to search from the list of registered keywords and click the ‘Search by selected keyword’. Then MD-LIVE performs a multi-search on the targets registered in the keyword group.


  1. ‘Watch List’

If there are apps to be scanned every time or need to quickly scan a specific list of apps according to your institution’s needs, ‘Watch List’ is a preferentially considerable feature. This supports you to easily determine whether a specific app is installed in the device in advance. By selecting a forensic target at a time, it saves you a lot of time from searching multiple apps each time and selecting them as targets. And once app scanning is completed you can quickly determine whether an in-depth forensic investigation is needed on the specific target.

–                How to use Watch List feature?

Connect the device and operate Watch List feature on the [Select Data] step. Target apps can be added by right-clicking on the desired app and the list of apps can be managed by ‘Manage Watch List’ at the top right of MD-LIVE. Select ‘Manage Watch List’ and add the package name of the app you want to specify.

An eye-shaped badge will be displayed next to the app, and you can easily review all the listed apps through the ‘Watch List’ filter and select them as an extraction target at once.



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