New Product Introduction – Drone Forensic Solution, MD-DRONE

MD–DRONE is a forensic software for extracting and analyzing data from the various data source of UAV/Drone from global manufacturers such as DJI, Parrot, and PixHawk. Data can be extracted through an aircraft USB, network, SD card, Chip-off, and the extraction guide will be supported for each method. Flight log values, GPS-based drone flight history with multimedia data which is captured by drone aircraft can be analyzed. Analyzed results can be exported as reports in PDF format based on the bookmarked content.


Product Highlights

  • Diverse Drone extraction methods
  • Timeline analysis: flight history & multimedia
  • Flight detail data review
  • Accident analysis with AI for flight data
  • Multimedia analysis of Drone Camera
  • Bookmark and notification
  • Reporting and export of multimedia data
  • Supported Drone model list

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