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The Smart feature to find Numbers from Car Plate using MD-VIDEO AI

The Number Plate Analysis is a feature that is machine-learned from low-quality of number (0 to 9) images and predicts the number when a low-quality image is added. An existing enhancement feature in MD-VIDEO also can help you to identify numbers from the low-quality images by applying various enhancement options such as Super Resolution and Motion Deblurring feature.

However, this smart feature can support you to get the data without any complicated steps, it’s much easier, time-saving and you’ll get the most reliable results!



How to Analyze Blurred License Plates                                                            


On the frame, drag the area you want to crop on the canvas then right-click in the [Number Plate] area. Click [Add new bounding box] to specify the area for each number then click Analyze.

You can also check why MD-VIDEO got the result via [Show Detail], it shows you the probabilities of each number analyzed by the number plate analysis model.


Review the Image Enhancement results


You can check the analyzed result from ‘Image Enhancement Results’, it shows Image, Probability, and Attribute.

  1. Image is the number plate file you select to analyze.
  2. Probability shows each number’s numerical probability determined by the number plate analysis model.
  3. Attribute shows the name, source file path, location, resolution of the improved image, history and user can add comment.


To read the full article, please download the PDF.

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