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As the importance of the forensic investigator increases alongside the rapid development of new technology, GMDSOFT empowers investigative agencies around the world by maintaining the foremost optimal solution for acquiring digital evidence.

GMDSOFT provides MD-Series, an integrated digital and mobile forensic solution that combines the latest in forensic technology.

In addition to our already-comprehensive support for mobile evidence acquisition, we are actively researching and developing new forensic solutions for all the newest technology, including Drones, AI speakers, and Smart TVs.

With over 19 years of mobile forensic research experience and continuous R&D with our overseas partners, GMDSOFT provides customer-proven technology, highly reliable technical support, and forensic training to investigative agencies around the world.

Through our efforts to provide the world’s law enforcement professionals with the best in digital forensic solutions, GMDSOFT strives to create a healthier, fairer, and more intelligent tomorrow.

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Annual mobile evidence
service we provide

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models we support

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application support
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Mobile and Digital
Forensic Products

Mobile Forensics Training
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Mobile Phone, Computer, Video,
Document, IoT Forensic Service
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eDiscovery Corporations

Fully Equipped with Digital
Forensic Laboratory Solution

10 Reasons To Select MD-Series

01. Complete mobile and digital forensics product series that supports data extraction and analysis from various data sources such as smartphones, DVR, CCTV, IoT devices, drones, and cloud.

02. Various types of extraction and unlocking methods supporting Scanning, Recording, Logical, Full filesystem, Physical, Chip-off, JTAG, SD Card, USIM, Network, PC agent, and Cloud

03. Innovative physical extraction technologies which can break through the newly confronting challenges with each manufacturer, chipset, and OS

04. Quick product update to support new devices and to improve data analysis competence of new apps and filesystems

05. Advanced data analysis support to access and discover the data from globally growing numbers of multi-space and secure apps

06. Free of charge and distributable, a stand-alone analysis viewer to share the analysis result with diverse workforces.

07. Complimentary cloud forensic tool to extract and analyze data from various cloud services by interworking with mobile forensics software

08. Onsite mobile forensic package which can support the triage or live forensics of mobile devices at the crime scene

09. All-in-one video forensics solution that covers replay of video, frame recovery, image enhancement, and AI-based video analytics

10. World-first drone forensics solution for extracting and analyzing flight data and multimedia files from all kinds of data source of UAVs or Drone

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