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Hancom MalangMalang VR is the simulation technology to verify and experience Smart City in advance, the system contributes to enhancing Smart City. It performs training, entertainment and educational functions in various fields.
VR Healthcare
System for cognitive training and dementia prevention
  • Cognitive training program for each area developed through medical verification (Calculation & Perception ability, Memory, Attention)
  • Developing people’s vitality and promoting lifestyle
  • Safety centers for dementia across the nation
VR Drone
Drone Management Simulator
  • VR drone simulator for training systematic drone flight and management
  • Practice for national license, free flight, racing
  • Drone academy program
VR Edutainment
VR Edutainment
  • Online and Offline AR & VR next generation play-learning system
  • Self-directed experiencing education program based on Smart Learning Platform
VR Healthcare
Hancom MalangMalang VR Healthcare is Virtual Reality Rehabilitation System designed based on the medical verification
  • High-quality of visual effects and various interactions events
  • Diverse training scenarios and contents to trigger interest and will to participate
  • Easy adaptation and access device configuration by using PC, VR HMD, Motion Device
  • Provides Management System: User-Friendly access to training system, result, and analysis
※ (Patent : No. 10-1875550) Virtual Reality Contents Providing System
VR Drone
Hancom MalangMalang ‘VR Drone’ is a simulation system for drone fight training developed to experience drone flights that are difficult to operate.
  • Flight mode : Single play, Multi play, Observing mode
  • Provides LMS(Learning Management System) feature
  • Provides flight review and flight history
  • Provides an Administrator to set physical value of virtual drone
Contents by level
  • [Beginner] – Practical Training for Drone Flight License
  • [Intermediate] – Free Drone Flight Training
  • [Advanced] – Drone Racing Games
▲ Officially recognized national certification practical training (Qualification Course: Practical test)
▲ Flight Training in Nature (natural environment – mountain, field, river )
▲ Flight Racing Games (Racing course)
VR Edutainment
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