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Press Release

MD-LIVE, New product for new trend of mobile forensics

HancomGMD launched a New Product, MD-LIVE, the live data extraction and analysis solution to help investigators with collecting the investigative evidence on the spot promptly. Find out more about new features of MD-LIVE below.


MD-LIVE is a mobile live data forensics product with easy to use user interface and logical extraction and quick data analysis. It also supports decryption and recovery of the recently deleted SNS messages, automatic smartphone detection, smartphone display mirroring and capturing with camera to capture the evidence image or to record video at the field.

Product Highlights

1. Mobile forensic solution for on-the-spot investigation
2. Selective data acquisition by the specified time and application
3. Minimize work time with easy and simple step of use
4. Recording and capturing of smartphone screen
5. Smartphone-like intuitive and visualized analysis result

Key Features

1. Selected data extraction and analysis
– Only data related to the incident can be selected and analyzed
– Minimization of unnecessary data extraction to protect the privacy of the subject who is under investigation and reduce the time spent on the site
2. Assurance of evidence data integrity
– Hash calculation for ensuring the integrity of data and multimedia files used for analysis
3. Easy and concise process
– Intuitive user interface and smartphone model auto-detection function which enables smooth, on-the-spot forensics with minimal training
– Analysis GUI provision similar to actual smartphone
– Evidence data filtering and identification capabilities by providing themes similar to smartphone environments
4. Multimedia preview
– Images, videos, audios and documents preview in the smartphone
– Play any types of smartphone multimedia using embedded multimedia player regardless of the file format
5. Camera and Mirroring
– Smartphone screen mirroring and capturing can be used when data extraction or analysis is impossible
– Recording of the whole procedure with external camera for the chain of custody
6. Analysis report creation
– Report generation on selected evidence
– Summary of smartphone data, multimedia and application analysis result
– Recorded video or captured image of the screen can be included in the report with comments
– PDF file report and extracted data export (CD, DVD, USB)

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