2022 2Q MD-Series Release Note Highlights

Find out the major features in MD-Series that are supported in 2Q 2022.
Following versions of the product will be including features released in this 2Q.


MD-NEXT v1.91.4–v1.91.9

  • Supports new 2,428 models, updated 783 Models.
  • Android Full filesystem extraction method added Samsung Galaxy S22 Qualcomm Series.
  • Supports iOS Checkm8 Full Filesystem (iOS 15.0∼15.2.1 versions).
  • Updated backup path of WhatsApp on Android 12.
  • Supports extraction for System backup information by ADB command.
  • Manufacturer backup improved stability of Smart Switch protocol.
  • Added Asian/US manufacturers’ models over 1,500.

MD-RED v3.9.11–v3.9.24

  • Supports new 20 and updated 49 apps in Android.
  • Supports new 6 and updated 15 apps in iOS.
  • Supports Huawei PrivateSpace analysis.
  • Supports analysis of Android 12.

– Default apps of Android: Contacts, Call History, Message, etc.,

– Default apps of Samsung: Dual Messenger, Messages, SmartThings, Health.


  • Supports HashSet saved in Excel format to be used as search keywords.

MD-LIVE  v3.4.16–v3.4.17

  • Added phone model scripts of 1,269 models.
  • Stabilized Android devices extraction process.

MD-VIDEO v3.9.1–v3.10.0

  • Supports new 2 models of DVR and Dashcam.
  • Supports time adjustment of video analysis results.

– When the time information of the video analysis result is different from the actual time due to various reasons such as device settings, users can adjust the time to the actual time.


  • Supports De-Identification (MD-VIDEO AI).
  • Added ‘Supported List’ Menu.
  • Improved UX/UI design of Time Filter.
  • Improvements of DHFS4.1 file system analysis.

MD-CLOUD v1.8.3

  • Updated the latest Facebook extraction method.
  • Additional analysis on attached Pictures and Video files on Twitter.
  • Hotkey supports to Start Screen and Main Window.
  • Added ‘MD5, SHA1, SHA256’ hash calculation results to Files.

MD-DRONE v1.0.1

  • Supports 8 new models.
  • Supports Flight Log Analysis – Accident Analysis.

– Detects when the aircraft manufactured by DJI loses connection with the remote controller.

– Newly detects whether a collision occurred, or a normal landing is done at the crash down case of the aircraft with PX4 firmware.


  • Improved Timeline View.

– Displays detailed information such as altitude and speed at the selected point in the timeline.



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