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2022 Recap on MD-Series Release Note Highlights!

What are the important features released in MD-Series?

Here is the summary of release note highlights in 2022, and if you want to read a full document? Submit your inquiry!


MD-NEXT v1.91.1 ~ v1.91.18

Supports new 3,910 models and updated 934 models



  • Brute Force utility to attain Secure Startup Password for Android 7 to 9
  • Android Full filesystem extraction method added Samsung Galaxy S22 Qualcomm Series and Samsung Exynos Android 12 devices
  • Android Full Filesystem extraction supports more firmware versions of Samsung models
  • Updated backup path of WhatsApp on Android 12
  • Supports extraction for System backup information by ADB command
  • App downgrade feature supports new apps – GBWhatsApp, Gojek, Jack’D, LinkedIn, Naver Cafe, PeduliLindungi and, ZEPETO


  • iOS Full Filesystem (FFS App) extraction supports iOS 15.0 ~ 15.4.1 and target models are iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 series
  • iOS Full Filesystem (checkm8) extraction supports iOS 15.0 ~ 15.7 and the target models may vary depending on the OS version

Physical Extraction

  • Supports physical extraction for Elephone model P9000
  • Android physical extraction supports ADB Pro T4 method and target model is Galaxy S8 series


MD-RED v3.9.0 ~ v3.10.8

Supports new 65 apps and updated 150 apps (Android)

Supports new 35 apps and updated 78 apps (iOS)



  • Supports analysis of Android 12
  • Supports Huawei PrivateSpace analysis
  • Improvements of Analysis – Improved analysis of unused area in EXT4 filesystem and added meta file (*.ufd) of extraction image)
  • Improvements of Filesystem analysis – BitLocker, iOS Full filesystem image extracted by Cellebrite UFED, and timestamp in NTFS filesystem
  • Supports Drone App analysis result exportation to MD-DRONE
  • Video meta information(TimeZone) is displayed in analysis result
  • Support for analysis of Android Full Filesystem images (.zip) extracted with GrayKey tools
  • Support for iOS 16, and Android 12
  • Supports the latest version analysis for Zalo in iOS/Android


  • Notification Center: Displays the pop-up window of major events such as task completion and errors
  • Support for the user manual and release note


MD-LIVE v3.4.13 ~ v3.4.23


  • App downgrade feature supports new apps – imo beta, ZEPETO, Jack’D, LinkedIn, Gojek, PeduliLindungi, Quicket
  • Improved extraction process of backup data for Huawei devices with Harmony OS 2.0
  • Added various manufacturers’ models over 500 (SAMSUNG, LG, Asus, HONOR, HTC, HUAWEI, Lenovo, Casper, GENERALMOBILE, Motorola, Nokia, Oneplus, ReeDer, SONY, SUGAR, TURKCELL, VESTEL, Vivo, Wiko and Etc..)
  • Added phone model scripts of 1,269 models

Hash Set

  • Support for Project VIC (Images identical or similar to the Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) registered with the Project VIC ( and crime type filters by region

Recording Investigation

  • Recording investigation feature added ‘Audio recording’ option into the ‘HDMI Mirroring Screen’ and ‘Audio Sync Control(All/Individual)

Analysis Result

  • Video player supports keyboard shortcuts to move video frame by frame


MD-CLOUD v1.8.2 ~ v1.8.6


  • Supports the latest location history formats of Google Takeout
  • Updated the latest Facebook extraction method
  • Supports Two-factor authentication for Twitter
  • Supports Extraction of additional data and subtype (Ex: Work, Home, etc.) of Google Contacts


  • Additional analysis on attached Pictures and Video files in Twitter
  • Added additional information in the analysis result (Hash Calculation, filter option etc.)


  • Improved search feature to make all analysis results searchable


  • Added additional information in the generated reports (ESI-Electronically Stored Information, Product version etc.)


  • Added shortcut keys to the start screen and main window


MD-VIDEO AI v3.9.1 ~ v3.12.2


  • Added new recovery targets; Removable disk, New Models of DVR & Dashcam
  • Added new GPU card models, Volta & Ampere architecture (19 models) for hardware acceleration
  • Supports deleted photo and video file recovery in TAT 16/32
  • Introduced Partial recovery, besides improvements in Basic & Custom recoveries
  • Supports time adjustment of recovery results

Time/Channel OCR

  • Auto detect of channel number by each digit in Time/Channel OCR feature


  • Supports adding new targets (Picture, Video, Recovered Frame, Enhancement Results) for enhancement
  • Improvements of Frame Analysis features – Motion Deblur, Perspective Transform, and De-identification
  • Improved Number recognition feature by introducing bounding boxes for easy use
  • Number plate restoration feature introduced for Korea & Vietnam countries
  • Added new category ‘Weapons’ in object detection
  • Included advanced learning models that can detect small objects in the selected video frame


  • Supports bookmark function when a video is being played or paused


  • Overall improvement in UI/UX, with updated Menu names
  • Added “supported list” menu so that users can see supported filesystem, models etc.


MD-DRONE v1.0.1 ~ v1.0.2


  • Supports extraction of Flight Log Files and Folder from PC
  • Added more than 9 new Drone models from leading drone manufacturers (For ex. DJI, SUNDORI, ANT etc.)


  • Added Lost Signal and Collision detection features to Flight Log Analysis (Accident analysis)
  • Added new features to display Altitude and speed at selected point in the Timeline information
  • Included unit information to the flight parameters like Altitude, Ground speed and Motor speed information in detail view of Timeline for Flight Log Analysis
  • Included the display of flight Takeoff and landing positions in map view

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