Elevate your knowledge and skills in mobile forensics using MD-SERIES tools

Join GMDSOFT certification program and elevate your knowledge and skills in mobile forensics using MD-SERIES tools.


Our comprehensive certification program offers three levels of courses – GCMP, GCME, and GCMS. Our program covers both software and hardware products related to mobile forensics, providing extensive training suitable for all levels of users, from beginners to experts. Our courses are designed to maximize your knowledge and skills in mobile forensics using MD-SERIES tools.


The GCMP course is perfect for individuals new to forensic practice or those at an entry-level position. This course provides comprehensive training on mobile forensic knowledge, including the latest trends, primary usage, and hands-on experience with the data extraction tool MD-NEXT and data analysis tool MD-RED.


The GCME course enhances the skills of senior-level practitioners who have prior experience with MD-NEXT and MD-RED. It builds upon the foundation laid by the GCMP and provides necessary skills to successfully manage mobile forensic investigation cases. The course covers the basics of each extraction method, advanced hands-on practice, and effective troubleshooting techniques for MD-NEXT. Trainees will also delve into detailed analysis of app data structure, deleted messages on popular messenger apps, file system understanding, and multimedia analysis using MD-RED.


The GCMS course is a highly advanced program that focuses on SQLite forensics, file system analysis, multimedia analysis, and user activity analysis. This course enables trainees to gain a complete understanding of data analysis and develop mastery in the specialized field of mobile forensic investigation.


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