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GMDSOFT’s Deepfake Detection Solution Featured in Ewha Voice

A recent article has been published in ‘Ewha Voice – Ewha University’s News Journal’ featuring insights from Paul Kim, the AI Team Leader at GMDSOFT, on advising deepfake technology.

As AI evolves, so does deepfake technology, finding applications in diverse fields like healthcare and video production. But misuse, including fake news and illicit content, is on the rise.

To combat such misuse, GMDSOFT has conducted research and development on MD-VIDEO AI, a model designed to detect and distinguish deepfakes. These advancements will be integrated into our MD-RED and MD-VIDEO AI products slated for release in the latter half of 2024. We anticipate that this will significantly mitigate the abuse of deepfake technology and enhance our ability to address cyber threats and digital crime investigations effectively.

Along with innovative technological advancements, raising societal awareness about these technologies is equally important. GMDSOFT will continue its efforts to help the people in pursuit of justice and truth.

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Check out the news featuring GMDSOFT’s technology at the link below :

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