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New Feature of MD-VIDEO AI v3.15.2: Multi-frame recovery

Innovating Criminal Justice with AI-Powered Video Forensics MD-VIDEO AI

The landscape of crime methods is evolving rapidly, and at GMDSOFT, we’re at the forefront of this transformation.

Our commitment to developing the most efficient video forensics tool has led us to continually enhance our product, MD-VIDEO AI, with cutting-edge AI analysis engine.

New Feature of MD-VIDEO AI v3.15.2

With our latest update, we’re delighted to introduce new features that empower law enforcement agencies worldwide.

1. Multi-Plate Detection: Identify multiple license plates within a single video frame.
2. Custom Result Selection: Choose the desired outcome when license plates are recognized.
3. Multi-Frame Recovery: Achieve higher recovery performance through multi-frame restoration.


These advancements solidify MD-VIDEO AI as a formidable tool for investigators, enhancing their capabilities in solving crimes and ensuring public safety.

Expanding Support Worldwide
We’re proud to announce that our technology now supports number plate restoration in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, and across New York state, with more nations continually being added to the list.

Furthermore, in the upcoming April update, we’re gearing up to unveil Deepfake detection capabilities, marking the culmination of extensive research by our AI team. Stay tuned for the exciting features rolling out soon.

Together, let’s continue making strides in leveraging technology for a safer future!

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